Remember These Chipping Fundamentals

Having good fundamentals in chipping is so beneficial to creating solid contact. The two tendencies I see a lot of amateurs’ struggle with when chipping is using their hands to much and feeling like they need to lift the ball in the air. By creating some awareness in your chipping set up and motion, your Read more…

How To Pull Off Uphill And Downhill Pitches

Let The Slope Determine Your Set-Up

Playing mountain golf, a lot of times you can find yourself in tricky situations, with uphill or downhill lies. A lot of players tend to set up a little bit “off.” Let the golf course tell you how and where to stand for uphill and downhill pitches. UPHILL Here I have an uphill lie so Read more…

The Keep Your Left Arm Straight Myth

Concentrate On A Square Face Instead

Let’s discuss a big golf myth: Keep your left arm straight (or right arm for lefties). It’s one of Five Old Wives Tales in Golf. Keep your head down Keep your left arm straight (front arm) Shift your weight/turn your shoulders Hit the ball Follow through I don’t believe you should try to bend your Read more…

Minimize Your Club Shaft Rotation

Keep Club Face Closer To Target Line

The legendary Mike Austin, whose 515-yard drive was the longest in competitive golf history, had a unique but very effective way to describe a square clubface, which he demonstrated to me in his front lawn many years ago. It had to do with shaft rotation. We went to the edge of his driveway which he Read more…

Control Your Elbows For More Golf Swing Power

Getting Them Pointed Properly Guarantees A Good Swing Plane
golf swing power oosty backswing

Most golfers are aware that swinging the club on the proper plane is important. When the plane is correct, especially on the downswing, the club head approaches the ball from slightly inside the target line, which leads to more golf swing power and potentially more accuracy as well. Here is an effective way to control Read more…

Learn To Play Golf With The ‘Success Progression’

A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

Fall is right around the corner. The kids are heading back to school and the weather here in the state of Texas will be perfect…for golf! So many folks can now commit to learn to play golf — the wonderful game we all love. If you are new to golf and are starting with golf Read more…

For A Great Short Game, Pick Your Landing Spot

Vistualize What Kind Of Aircraft You Need To Get Close To The Hole
short game landing spots

I love short game situations. There are so many choices and not a lot of “rights versus wrongs” — it can be the best display of creativity. But sometimes we all “mix the fundamentals” of one shot with another, and the short game shot we were hoping to gracefully see head toward the cup ends Read more…

For Driver Distance, Widen Your Arc

How To Effortlessly Build Clubhead Speed

Creating driver distance is all about a wide, even arc, and generating as much clubhead speed as you can. It doesn’t matter if you’re at sea level, or at high altitude, as I am here on the first tee of Tom Weiskopf’s beautiful Spanish Peaks Mountain Club in Big Sky, Montana. You’ll hit longer drives Read more…

44 Ways To Play Better Golf

Easy Keys For Making The Most Of Every Round

Are you one of those golfers who absolutely pures it on the practice range with every club in the bag, but eventually goes into the tank during the course of play? It’s an unfortunate scenario experienced by a vast majority of golfers, most often caused by too little time dedicated to practice or too long a time period between rounds. For most golfers, the onset of trouble starts on the very first tee, where high anxiety invariably sends the tee shot deep into the woods.

PGA Jr. League Announces Regional Competition Sites

All-Star Teams Compete For 12 Spots In 2019 PGA Jr. League Championship
pga jr. league high five

Twelve facilities have been named host sites of the 2019 PGA Jr. League Regionals presented by National Car Rental, which will take place throughout September.  At each of these competitions, four co-ed All-Star teams of junior golfers ages 13 and under (48 in total) will compete to earn one of 12 spots in the 2019 PGA Read more…