Practice To Play Golf Forever

Understand Your Physical Limitations As You Age

practice to play golf forever openerOne of the biggest things that all of us feel as we get older (I’m 48!) are the random aches and pains after spending too much time on the practice tee or working on short game. We need to learn to practice to play golf as long as we can. Hopefully forever.

Let’s face it, swinging hard and/or bending over for too long can play havoc on your whole system. Take Tiger, for example: in his comeback leading up to his Masters win he repeatedly told us he could no longer stand on the tee or on the practice green practicing like he used to, due to the issues with his back. Thus he had to practice SMARTER, not HARDER, as he had in the past. At his age and with his physical condition he cannot outwork his peers like he once did, so Tiger, like us all, has now been relegated to practicing in a more efficient way to get better.

If you are standing on the lesson tee without a plan you are wasting the shots you have in your system for that day. Sometimes you have 500 shots in your body, while other times you might only have 200 — use them wisely or feel the effects later. This is a fact!

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