Three Types Of Golf Practice

Work On Mechanics, Feel And Scoring

So many times, when I am talking to new students, they tell me their golf practice goes well, but they can’t seem to transfer their golf skills into scoring. I immediately ask them how they are practicing. Most people just do the mechanical aspect of golf. For example, while working on their swing, they focus Read more…

A Great Golf Grip Every Time

A Fundamental Everyone Needs
great golf grip miller

The only thing that touches the clubs is your hands. And so making sure they are on the club correctly is imperative. I have a very simple set up routine, that if you follow, will ensure have a great golf grip. And eliminating doubt is one of the best things you can do for your Read more…

Please Don’t Keep Your Head Down

Most Common Tip Is Also The Most Damaging

I hear many golf pros, parents and friends like to tell each other to “keep your head down” through impact. As if this was going to give them a better chance to create a better strike to the ball. I’m here to tell you that it is false.  What I teach is totally opposite. I Read more…

Think PGA For Great Golf Fundamentals

How To Optimize Swing Path To Target

The golf set up (PGA) is 70 percent of the golf swing.  Perhaps you are among the many golfers that struggle with this concept.  Here is a tip and corresponding photos to help you navigate the perfect set up, which leads to great golf fundamentals. In order to effectively swing the club down a path Read more…

How to Avoid the Most Common Golf Injury

Lower Back Pain Is No Joke, But It’s Preventable
golf injury swing photo

Golf is a unique sport because you can often participate even if you’re not as physically fit as you once were. That said, golf isn’t always an injury-free sport. Low back pain is the golf injury you’re most likely to sustain. Luckily, it can be avoided. The following tips will help. Warm Up Golf may Read more…

The Uphill Approach Shot Made Easy

More Is Better When You’re Faced With An Uphill Target

The biggest mistake I see amateurs make when facing uphill lies with an uphill approach is severely under-clubbing. They simply think a ball will travel as far as it would from a level lie to a “flat” target. Of course, that’s not the case, no matter how far you are from the hole. In this Read more…

Six Steps To Perfect Alignment

Use Your Dominant Eye To Set Target
perfect alignment opener

One of the biggest issues for amateur golfers is improper alignment. You can hit a well-struck ball perfectly straight, but if you are not aligned properly to your target, you will miss it every time. Here is a great Six-Step Method to Perfect Alignment. Always pick your target from behind the ball, not beside the Read more…

Spray Your Way To Tee Shot Power

This Quick Fix Will Set You Back Just Five Bucks

One of the biggest power leaks in a golf swing is not contacting the ball on the center of the club face.  A great way to gain tee shot power is to use foot spray during your practice session. Purchase a can of foot spray at your local pharmacy. Hold the can at least one Read more…

The Six Best Lessons Barry Goldstein Knows

Tried-And-True Lessons To Improve Every Game

Subscribe today to Golf Tips magazine for the best instruction, reviews and much more delivered straight to you! There are certain things a golf teacher leans on through the years, no matter what student he or she is dealing with. They are bedrock, proven fundamentals that help everyone of every ability. After 25 years of teaching Read more…

Practice Tee Fun For Better Play

Practice For Play And Stop The Sway

Even the most dedicated work on the practice tee doesn’t always create enough challenge to successfully transfer skills to the course, so let’s look at a couple of quick and easy ways to make that range time more fun and productive. CREATE AN OBSTACLE COURSE By making practice more difficult with obstacles, you’ll perform better Read more…