Find Your Golf Ball Position Every Time

A Vital Quick Tip

ball position photos-carry goldstein

I see many golfers whose ball position changes from shot to shot. It’s different from hole to hole and day to day. There’s no way to ever be consistent that way.

I teach my students a very solid and foolproof way to “find” correct ball position so they can become more consistent ball strikers. Chip Beck, who once shot 59 on the PGA Tour showed me this when he and my talented daughter and played together at Pebble Beach. It works!

I always have them put their feet together with the ball dead center to start (Photo 1). If they are hitting a driver (Photo 2), they will step 1 inch forward with their lead foot, and then set their rear foot into their full stance position (Photo 3). We like the driver ball position 1 inch inside the lead foot. If it’s a wedge, and we want the ball center of stance … then simply step equal directions with each foot so the ball remains in the dead center of the stance (Photo 4).

In essence, this is a great way to always have good ball position as part of your pre shot routine.

Barry Goldstein is a PGA Teaching Professional at Inverrary Country Club in Lauderhill, Florida

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