Grips 2018: Lamkin TS1, Comfort Plus and Sonar

With three new lines — Lamkin TS1, Comfort Plus and Sonar — the longtime leading grip company offer unique performance characteristics appealing to a wide range of players and reinforcing their promise to deliver a perfect grip for every golfer. TS1 is a distinctive high-performance grip that delivers exceptional feel and performance. Made with new Read more…

2016 Buyer’s Guide Grips

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2016 Buyer's Guide Grips

CHAMP C1 PUTTER GRIP Champ’s new C1 putter grip is made from a soft, lightweight and great feeling polyurethane material offered in medium and large sizes to meet the market’s demand for thicker and more stable putter grips. By incorporating a familiar paddle design with an updated reminder-notch pattern, the C1 virtually eliminates wrist break-down Read more…

2015 Buyer’s Guide Grips

Get A Grip!

Black Widow Tour Silk II Key Features: The mid-firmness Tour Silk II has been redesigned to be even more durable and to do a better job of wicking away water for a more secure grip. The classic velvet shape is comfortable and tacky, with, frankly, a no-nonsense design. Simple and straight, that’s what this grip Read more…

2014 Buyer’s Guide Grips

Check out our top grip picks this year

We recommend at least one new set of grips every year, and if you play a lot, maybe switch ’em up in the middle of the season, as well.

2013 Buyer’s Guide Grips

Again, this year has a slew of new offerings, including a variety of new styles, colors, shapes and materials to choose from.

2012 Buyer’s Guide Grips

Your hands only touch one thing on the club. Make sure your grips are right for you.

What’s the most overlooked component of your clubs? Easy: the grips. It shouldn’t be, since the grip is the only connection you make with the club

2011 Buyer’s Guide Grips

The grip is the most important part of the golf club

Probably the most unsung and underrated component, the grip is actually the most important feature of any club.

2010 Buyer’s Guide Grips

Your hands are the only connection you have with the club, so you must play with the right grips.

Considering the grip is the only area that connects you with the golf club, not to mention with the golf ball for the matter, it’s a wonder so many golfers overlook this critical component.

Grips Buyer’s Guide 2007

Despite all the technology in the clubhead and shaft, it's the grip that's really come a long way.

Grips have certainly come a long way. In fact, the new grips for __ð07 are more colorful and more functional than ever, thanks mostly to a handful of new material innovations that double as a fashion statement and a competitive advantage. Several models include multi-density rubbers and polymers that lend comfort, strength and tackiness where it’s needed most. Also, they’ve gotten a lot more durable and hold up better in the rain. Check out what’s new, and don’t hesitate when it comes time to put them on all your clubs. It’s a must-do every season.

Grips Buyer’s Guide 2006

If you quickly and relatively inexpensively want to improve the way your clubs look, feel and perform, try a new grip

As is the case with all categories of golf equipment, new materials and technologies have vastly improved the quality and feel of modern grips, and there now are a number of cord-style grips that feel as soft as velvet models, but with the added tack cord provides. For golfers with sensitive hands, or who simply prefer a soft feel, a buffed, velvet-style grip still is the top choice.