Three Types Of Golf Practice

Work On Mechanics, Feel And Scoring

So many times, when I am talking to new students, they tell me their golf practice goes well, but they can’t seem to transfer their golf skills into scoring.

I immediately ask them how they are practicing. Most people just do the mechanical aspect of golf. For example, while working on their swing, they focus their practice on their take-away. Mechanics are important to the game, but you need to add feel and scoring practice to lower your scores.

Divide your practice into three parts: mechanics, feel, and scoring. You should do this with ball striking and short game.

golf practice 1-3

If I applied these three things to my putting practice, my practice routine could look something like this (refer to the corresponding photos):

  1. Mechanical practice: Do a drill with a chalk line, Putting Arc, or alignment sticks. This works on path and alignment.
  2. Feel practice: Move back from the hole every two feet, working on lag putting and tempo of stroke
  3. Scoring practice: Do a ladder drill, working on achieving a goal before you can move on. This is creating an on-course feeling.

Vicki Goetze-Ackerman is Director of Instruction at Buckhorn Springs Golf & Country Club, Valrico, Florida. Reach her at

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