Bunker Shot “Ball Below Feet”

A difficult shot even for the pros

After hitting your tee shot on a short par-3, you discover that your ball has not only landed in the greenside bunker but is well below your feet. There’s no mistaking it; this is a difficult shot even for the pros.  With a few adjustments to your setup, even a high handicapper can execute this Read more…

Mark Your Golf Milestones Part 4

A Roadmap To Breaking Scoring Barriers

The holidays. Less daylight and colder weather are now upon us, creating fewer opportunities to break through your golf milestones before the end of the year. Don’t panic! You can still make this happen. Being patient and allowing your current skills to take you there will work. But if you’ve determined that next year is Read more…

Practice To Play Golf Forever

Understand Your Physical Limitations As You Age

One of the biggest things that all of us feel as we get older (I’m 48!) are the random aches and pains after spending too much time on the practice tee or working on short game. We need to learn to practice to play golf as long as we can. Hopefully forever. Let’s face it, Read more…

Five Ways To Improve At Golf

improve at golf featured

There are many things in life we can’t control. As a golfer, we can’t control the weather, how the golf course is set up, and many other items. So they may not figure directly on how you can improve at golf. Then there are things in our lives we do have control of. Once placed Read more…

Spend That ‘Match’ Money On Great Golf Practice

Instead Of Tiger vs. Phil, Challenge Yourself On The Range
practice to play golf slider

If you’re one of the predictably large majority of golf fans who will pass on The Match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson on Nov. 23 — what, two fortysomething gazillionaires playing for $9 million of someone else’s money doesn’t rivet you to the tube? — allow Golf Tips to offer you a wealth of Read more…

How To Find The Center Of The Club Face

It’s Key To Great Putting And Driving
center of the club face

Arguably the two most important clubs in your bag are the driver and the putter. You must put the ball in play with your driver to enable you to score with your putter on the green. The extreme opposites of each other in your golf bag have one thing in common when it comes to Read more…

How To Practice To Play Golf

Make Every Range Session Truly Count
practice to play golf opener

Do you practice to play golf? In other words, are you making the most of your range sessions? In a lot of the clients I see are golfers looking to gain an edge and reach not only the next level of play, but at least one level beyond. They spend time at the golf practice Read more…

Manage Your Way To Lower Golf Scores

Be Honest, Be Patient To See Real Improvement
Lower Golf Scores Patri 1

I probably give far more playing lessons then the average bear. Let’s be clear: on the lesson tee I’m a teacher, on the golf course I’m a coach, and the whole plan, clearly, is to achieve lower golf scores for my clients, and that means not thinking about score. During a playing lesson I ask Read more…

Golf Practice With Purpose

Three Ways To Maximize Your Time

The great Allen Iverson once said, “Listen, we’re sittin here talking about practice, not a game, not a game, not a game, but we’re talkin’ about PRACTICE.” So what does this have to do with your golf practice? As a golf professional and an avid writer I noticed that we generally write awesome articles about Read more…

Welcome To ‘The Six Spoke Approach To Golf’

A Golf Tips exclusive series puts a book’s worth of wisdom in your grasp
Welcome To ‘The Six Spoke Approach To Golf’

Beginning with the June-July 2016 of GolfTips I will share with you what I have learned and come to strongly believe in during my nearly 40-year teaching and coaching career. My journey as a teacher-coach is headed towards its fourth decade and a few years back eclipsed some 50,000 plus lesson hours given. I would Read more…