Mark Your Golf Milestones Part 4

A Roadmap To Breaking Scoring Barriers

The holidays. Less daylight and colder weather are now upon us, creating fewer opportunities to break through your golf milestones before the end of the year.

Don’t panic! You can still make this happen. Being patient and allowing your current skills to take you there will work.

But if you’ve determined that next year is the year to break through your Milestone, you can start working on that plan now.

golf milestones 4 break 100BREAKING 100

Set-Up—The First Cornerstone to Achieving your First Milestone

Without a great set-up, you’ll only advance as far as your current athletic abilities will take you. At some point, a proper set-up will be required for you to achieve any milestone.

Some of the greatest players in the game have used winter to their advantage to obtain improved and superior set-up positions that provide them the best possible start to the new season ahead. They see the golf set-up in the same way as setting up any machine you’re using before turning it on. If the machine is not properly set up and you turn it on, there’s a high likelihood the machine produces an unwanted result. Same goes for setting up to each shot you hit.

The basics of set up are:

  • Alignment — Be sure to aim to the target you intend to hit.
  • Balance — If you can’t balance, you can’t swing. Be sure to keep your weight evenly distributed between toe and heel, and from the belt down equally balanced between left and right.
  • Posture — Too much bend in the knees or bending forward will make you out of balance. Bounce in your knees and natural bend from the hip joint forward is all you need to get started.
  • Grip — Observe how your hands hang naturally from your shoulders to each side of your body and attempt to replicate the angle at which they hang as you grip the golf club. Use your fingers to hold the club, not the palm.

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