Bunker Shot “Ball Below Feet”

A difficult shot even for the pros

After hitting your tee shot on a short par-3, you discover that your ball has not only landed in the greenside bunker but is well below your feet. There’s no mistaking it; this is a difficult shot even for the pros. 

With a few adjustments to your setup, even a high handicapper can execute this shot with ease.

  • Lower your center of gravity to help reach down to the ball. 
  • Open the clubface just slightly, unlike for a normal bunker shot. This will help to dig down in order to get the ball out. 
  • Play the ball just forward of center. Too far forward, and you will likely blade the shot. 
  • Pick the club up quickly in the backswing, and abbreviate the follow-through to maintain your balance.

Incorporate these into your bunker play next practice session, and you will hit this shot with confidence. 

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