Spend That ‘Match’ Money On Great Golf Practice

Instead Of Tiger vs. Phil, Challenge Yourself On The Range

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If you’re one of the predictably large majority of golf fans who will pass on The Match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson on Nov. 23 — what, two fortysomething gazillionaires playing for $9 million of someone else’s money doesn’t rivet you to the tube? — allow Golf Tips to offer you a wealth of ideas on how to spend that $19.99 you’re saving on your own game. Instead of digesting that Thanksgiving feast by raking leaves or scouring Black Friday ads (actually, check out our Holiday Gift Guide instead), how about venturing to your friendly local practice tee with that double sawbuck and get in some great golf practice — satisfying, productive and fun work on the skills that will help you prevail the next time you put a few bucks on the line with your buddies?

May we recommend these tips from some of our Top 25 Instructors

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