How To Play Golf Forever

The Fountain of Youth Exists — Just Ask The Golf Tips Top 25

play golf forever top 25

Let’s talk about every serious player’s goal: To play golf forever.

No matter what age you are at this moment or where you are on the golf accomplishment spectrum — rank beginner to grizzled multi-decade vet — you can avoid the “autumn golf” phase of life for as long as you’d like. You can put off any thoughts of giving up the game because of limitations, physical or mental or social, real or perceived.

Golf is indeed a Game of Forever if you follow a few simple, tried and true tips from our Top 25 Instructors. They know a thing or two about how the stages of life affect everything from distance off the tee to putting prowess, and even more about how to roll with the aging punches. They can get you from here to there, or just keep you where you are: Loving every moment of the game, shot to shot and round to round and friend to friend.

Read on for your roadmap to golf longevity, then check out Tom Stickney’s plan for lasting and pain-free practice.

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