Control Your Elbows For More Golf Swing Power

Getting Them Pointed Properly Guarantees A Good Swing Plane

golf swing power oosty backswing

Most golfers are aware that swinging the club on the proper plane is important. When the plane is correct, especially on the downswing, the club head approaches the ball from slightly inside the target line, which leads to more golf swing power and potentially more accuracy as well.

Here is an effective way to control your plane: control the position of your left elbow (for right handers). Most everyone knows that Jim Furyk’s shaft is virtually vertical in the backswing. That’s because his left elbow is pointed at his toe line. During his downswing the shaft plane flattens because his left elbow is now pointed at the ball target line.

To simplify your swing (don’t we all want to do that?) get the left elbow pointing at the target line during your takeaway until your left arm is parallel to the ground halfway back, like Louis Oosthuizen is doing in the photo above. On the through swing have the right elbow aimed at the target line until the right arm is parallel to the ground, like he’s doing in the photo below.

golf swing power oosty downswing

Before you know it, you’ll be striping it down the middle well past your buddies.

Georgia-based John Marshall, PGA, is just one of just five Golf Channel Swing Fix instructors selected to teach at the Tour Championship. He is a two-time American Long Drivers Association super senior national champion and five-time RE/MAX World Long Drive finalist.


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