44 Ways To Play Better Golf

Easy Keys For Making The Most Of Every Round

play better golf openerAre you one of those golfers who absolutely pures it on the practice range with every club in the bag, but eventually goes into the tank during the course of play? It’s an unfortunate scenario experienced by a vast majority of golfers, most often caused by too little time dedicated to practice or too long a time period between rounds, so I hope the following 44 ways to play better golf truly help.

For most golfers, the onset of trouble starts on the very first tee, where high anxiety invariably sends the tee shot deep into the woods.

For others, the tanking occurs gradually as the round unfolds–a loose swing here, a twitched putt there and poor shot selection in between–until, around the 14th hole, you say to yourself, I guess it’s not my day. The worst of it is, you’re right–it isn’t your day.

However, there are methods to protect your game from suffering a complete collapse on the course. To play your best golf, you need an arsenal of skills and strategies to insulate your game when the heat is on.

This feature presents a catalogue of specific golf advice, ranging from mental thoughts and images to easy-to-accomplish swing changes that guarantee better performance during your round.

Among the top 50 are quick and easy tips to harness more speed from your swing (Power section), reduce grossly off-line shots (Accuracy), create better scoring opportunities (Strategy), get up and down every time (Short Game), keep round-wrecking scores to a minimum (Safe vs. Sane) and, most important, prevent the wheels from coming completely off during the course of play (Damage Control).

I call this collection of advice the Top 44–you’ll call them lifesavers. Use them wisely and enjoy great results even when your A game turns into a C or worse.

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