For Driver Distance, Widen Your Arc

How To Effortlessly Build Clubhead Speed

driver distance 1Creating driver distance is all about a wide, even arc, and generating as much clubhead speed as you can.

It doesn’t matter if you’re at sea level, or at high altitude, as I am here on the first tee of Tom Weiskopf’s beautiful Spanish Peaks Mountain Club in Big Sky, Montana. You’ll hit longer drives if you get these key fundamentals right.

What I like to do is start my swing from my core. While keeping my arms long and wide, I generate clubbed speed by rotating my core and shoulders back and through, as I’m doing in the photo at right.

Timing is everything. If you can’t come back to contact straight and with a square club face, you better start over.

As I’m doing in the photos below, Stay Wide, Watch Impact, and Keep Your Balance.

Kali Quick, PGA, is Director of Golf at Spanish Peaks Mountain Club in Big Sky, Montana

driver distance sequence


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