Great Tips For Winter Golf Practice

Stay Sharp Even When The Snow Starts Falling

It’s mid-autumn with Thanksgiving in sight, and winter snows have already fallen in parts of the country. When the season truly sets in, golfers have two choices: Head south to warmer climes, or find a way to stay sharp at home. Time to spruce up your winter golf practice routine. Which means it’s time to Read more…

Tiger Woods: The Hands Are Crucial In The Golf Swing

For Proof, Check Out This Video
tiger woods win slider

I found this video of Tiger Woods, perhaps the greatest player to ever walk the planet, extremely interesting.  He’s clearly the most dominant player over the last 20-plus years, during which time technology has ruled golf instruction.  During this same period, we have heard countless “swing authorities” tell us to use our big muscles. They’ve Read more…

Five Steps To More Golf Consistency

A Guide To Creating Better Impact Conditions

Everybody wants more golf consistency. Defining that is sometimes hard and often unattainable in golf’s current form. For most I would define it as making decent contact most of the time and hitting the ball within a relatively discernable area or pattern. That definition of consistency is definable, and if need be can be measurable. Read more…

Mark Your Golf Milestones Part 4

A Roadmap To Breaking Scoring Barriers

The holidays. Less daylight and colder weather are now upon us, creating fewer opportunities to break through your golf milestones before the end of the year. Don’t panic! You can still make this happen. Being patient and allowing your current skills to take you there will work. But if you’ve determined that next year is Read more…

Base Putting Eye Position On Your Stroke

How You See Is What You Get

When I talk about putting with my students, I like to work on these top three skills: Ability to aim Ability start putt on the intended line Speed control This tip will help you master the top two. Everyone’s sights and visuals are different, so it is important to calibrate each player specifically and find Read more…

Golf Shots You Never Practice, But Should

Work On These Common Situations To Save Strokes

After teaching the game for almost 30 years I have noticed that there are several golf shots that people NEVER seem to practice, yet these are the exact shots that cost them strokes round after round. Practice doesn’t make perfect in this case—it makes you prepared. If you don’t practice each of the shots below, Read more…

Dial In Your Wedge Game Now

Master Those In-Between Distances
wedge game featured

QUESTION: Are you struggling hitting your wedges the correct distance? Here’s how to get your wedge game in shape for those tricky shorter shots. While playing college golf at Austin Peay State University and then on the professional circuit, I found that it was imperative to make sure that the distances I hit my wedges Read more…

How To ‘Stick’ To Good Putting

Lock The Arms For A Consistent Stroke
good putting featured

In any good putting stroke the hands, wrists and arms form a stable structure that stays intact during the entire motion (Photo 1). The putter head is put into motion by the movement of the shoulders and the structure created at address should remain throughout the stroke…otherwise the structure breaks down and inconsistencies in the Read more…

Draw The (Chalk) Line For Better Putting Stroke

A Simple Drill For Making More Knee-Knockers

Every once in a while you get one of those “aha” moments. I had one when I was playing in the PGA Junior Championship at Bellerive Country Club. I had lost the tournament due to my exceptionally poor putting from four feet and in. I vowed I would never allow that to happen again. So Read more…

Making The Case For A Square Clubface

Use This Training Aid To Get Straight

In a golf lesson, nothing is more important to achieving success on the lesson tee than clear, concise communication between a student and his or her coach. And that includes letting a student know when he or she achieves a square clubface. In life we use various media to communicate in a learning environment. We Read more…