Remember These Chipping Fundamentals

Having good fundamentals in chipping is so beneficial to creating solid contact.

The two tendencies I see a lot of amateurs’ struggle with when chipping is using their hands to much and feeling like they need to lift the ball in the air. By creating some awareness in your chipping set up and motion, your chipping can drastically improve, thus lowering your scores.

Vicki Goetze-Ackerman ChippingAt Address

  • Stance should be square to slightly open to target
  • Weight should be 70% on your front leg
  • Hands should be slightly in front of the ball……arms and club form a lower case “y”

The Takeaway

  • Rotation of swing on front leg axis……no weight shift in backswing
  • Swing low to the ground in pendulum like motion


  • Strive for same positions as at address
  • Maintain wrist angle through shot
  • Remember the loft of the golf club is what lifts the ball


  • Hips and chest turn through the shot
  • Hands finish higher than club head
  • Club finishes at target

Vicki Goetze-Ackerman is Director of Instruction at Buckhorn Springs Golf & Country Club in Valrico Springs, Florida. Reach her at

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