How To ‘Stick’ To Good Putting

Lock The Arms For A Consistent Stroke

good putting featured

In any good putting stroke the hands, wrists and arms form a stable structure that stays intact during the entire motion (Photo 1).

The putter head is put into motion by the movement of the shoulders and the structure created at address should remain throughout the stroke…otherwise the structure breaks down and inconsistencies in the stroke are sure to pop up (Photo 2).

A simple alignment stick can help you to feel the proper structure as well as the proper movement of the shoulders in the putting stroke.

Just lift your arms and place the alignment stick across your upper chest and a lower your arms down to hold it in place (Photo 3). The alignment stick will now lock the structure of your wrists and arms in place and force you to move your shoulders to make the stroke (Photo 4).

Brandon Stooksbury is Director of Instruction at Idle Hour Golf Club in Macon, Georgia, and author of The Wedge Book. Visit him at

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