Learn Those Sexy Golf Shots

How To Pull Them Off Like A Tour Pro

Whenever average players watch a good player play golf, they are amazed at the number of “sexy golf shots” the low handicapper, and especially the Tour pro, has the ability to play versus their own game. In fact, the better the player, the more such shots they know how to play. So why not you?

The following practice will help you to learn how to play nine of the Tour’s Sexiest Shots.

sexy golf shots soft pitch
1. Open face, open stance. 2. Set the wrists. 3. Hold face open. 4. Move rear shoulder through.

The Soft Pitch Over A Bunker

A good short game is the key to achieving lower scores and more game enjoyment in general. Here’s how to turn a missed green into a better up-and-down opportunity when you have a bunker to clear and some room to work with between you and the hole.

  • Set up with an open stance and open face
  • Put the ball in the front of your stance
  • Set your wrists fully on the backswing
  • Hold the face open through impact (picture balancing a glass on it)
  • Keep your rear shoulder moving through

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