Great Tips For Winter Golf Practice

Stay Sharp Even When The Snow Starts Falling

It’s mid-autumn with Thanksgiving in sight, and winter snows have already fallen in parts of the country. When the season truly sets in, golfers have two choices: Head south to warmer climes, or find a way to stay sharp at home. Time to spruce up your winter golf practice routine.

Which means it’s time to check in with Golf Tips Top 25 Instructors for some timely tips on how to do just that.


Top 25 Instructors AbrahamI think the “off season” is the best time to make swing changes. Practicing indoors allows you to focus on making a correct motion and takes away ball flight, which is the biggest hindrance to making changes.

Something as simple as making 20 swings a day and then watching yourself swing correctly via video another 20 times can pay dividends.  It’s a simple and time efficient way to change.  It can also be done with practice swings if the person doesn’t have the room or equipment to hit balls indoors and I’ve even had adults use junior clubs where space is an issue.

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