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Director of Instruction, Bighorn Golf Club, Palm Desert, California

YEARS TEACHING: 22 years full-time, 26 total


  • 5-time qualifier for PGA Professional National Championship, 2007-2011
  • 3-Time NCAA All-American at University of California, San Diego
  • Member PGA Presidents Council for Growing Game of Golf


Mike Adams, Harvey Penick, David Leadbetter, James Siekmann, Dave Pelz


Since 1998, I have donated 2 weeks of my instruction where all proceeds go to buy gifts for children in need at Christmas time.  I have supported the Boys and Girls Clubs and Arizona Helping Hands with this program, as well as the “adopt a family” program to help families in need.

I have also donated lessons for charitable organizations such as Upscale Singers and more recently to Bighorn Charities which donates money to local charities, provides scholarships for college funding and provides diagnostic help, research and treatment of breast cancer.

I also donate my time to help the local high school golf teams.

Why I Teach: I love teaching golf because I enjoy helping others. Seeing the happiness and joy you can bring to someone through something as simple as improving their golf game is a pleasure. Also, teaching golf is a great challenge as everyone is different and presents a different challenge and a different puzzle that I have to figure out how to help best. I believe it’s important to get to know each student as an individual and to assess each person’s strengths, weaknesses, constraints and goals. I work within these parameters to help each person play his or her best.

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