Tiger Woods: The Hands Are Crucial In The Golf Swing

For Proof, Check Out This Video

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I found this video of Tiger Woods, perhaps the greatest player to ever walk the planet, extremely interesting. 

He’s clearly the most dominant player over the last 20-plus years, during which time technology has ruled golf instruction. 

During this same period, we have heard countless “swing authorities” tell us to use our big muscles. They’ve also told us things like “quiet” our hands, or suggest that the hands should not play any major role in the golf swing.

The hands, frankly, have been portrayed as the evil little brother of the big brother muscles.  

During my entire career I have fought those notions. I first learned the importance of the hands from the late, great Jim Flick. I furthered my beliefs in the importance of “educated hands “listening” to the also-great Bob Toski and Gardner Dickinson. 

We brush our teeth with our hands, type on our smart phones and computers with our hands, feed our faces with our hands, shave with our hands. These two parts of our anatomy are pretty well-trained and very coordinated. Shouldn’t they be able to, at the very least, play an active role in aiding the delivery of the club face? 

In the meantime I’m holding my ground that my left friend and my right friend are in fact great friends and a big part of all my past golf success. In fact, I believe I got lost as a player when I drank far too much of the big muscle Kool-Aid. 

Have a listen to the GREAT Tiger Woods from the Club-Focused Golf Instruction Facebook page of my fellow teaching pro and Golf Tips contributor, Henry Stetina, and you decide. I’m here whenever you’re ready.

P.S.—This is the second time I have heard Tiger reference the use of his hands to influence his performance. 

Tom Patri is former Met PGA as well as South Florida PGA Teacher of the Year. Tom is the Director of Instruction at The Hawthorns Golf and Country Club in Fishers , Indiana, May-October, and November-April he is based at The Esplanade in Naples, Florida. You can reach Tom via email tpatri@mindspring.com Text 239-404-7790 Visit him at www.tompatri.com

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