Reach Your Golf Milestones 2020, Part 1

Get The Year Off To A Sweet-Scoring Start

It’s time to get started with your plans to reach or exceed your golf milestone goals for 2020. Breaking through your barriers this year starts now, no matter what the weather conditions.


Is Your Pre-Shot Routine Ready?

Whether you realize it or not, you routinely do the same things each time you execute a golf shot. From pulling the club out of the bag to all the gyrations you make before starting your swing, this sequence of events may not be as efficient as you need to break 100. And if it is disrupted in any way, you’re less likely to come close to breaking 100.

golf milestone 2020 1 break 100

Let’s get your pre-shot routine consistent. Doing so breeds consistency in your swing.

  • Always take a deep breath as you exit the golf cart or stop at your ball while walking. Doing so sends extra oxygen to your body and relaxes you.
  • Assess the lie you have. Is a perfect lie or do you have some variables you need to think about? Take each variable one at a time, starting with a flat or uneven lie. Then move on to how much turf you have. Understanding how to balance and how to swing is more important at your current skill level versus whether grass or no grass behind the ball will affect your shot.
  • Determine the total carry distance of the shot. You can only control how far the ball carries, not how far the ball will roll.
  • Choose the correct club for the lie and the distance you will need to accomplish.
  • Stand behind the ball for practice swings. Practice swing should not be how you’ll swing at your current skill level. Practice swings are about maintaining the relaxation you started with the deep breath you took. Making practice swings behind the ball also allows you to:
  • Look down range at your intended target. Taking another deep breath, envision your shot traveling to your target, from behind the ball. You’ll have a better chance of setting up correctly if your eyes and brain can make the connection of how straight the intended target line really is and how the ball can fly there.

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