Ten New Decade Golf Resolutions

A Quick-Hit Guide To Goals You Can Reach

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Here we are on the cusp of not only a new year, but a fresh decade (at least as it’s commonly defined; technically the decade doesn’t begin until 2021, but we’ll go with it). Definitely an apt time to churn up those golf resolutions that nag us every time the calendar flips.

Let’s tackle them in two sentences or less and back them up with links to some of Golf Tips’ favorite lessons and equipment pieces from the last decade.

The best part: We’ve got 10 whole years to actually pull them off.

  1. Practice more, and practice better, even like a Tour player. Enough said.
  2. Practice short game more. From 100 yards in is where most scoring takes place, so why keep mindlessly banging balls on the range when you can hone those wedges and putter to a fine point?
  3. Sign up for a series of lessons from an accomplished, well-trained and passionate pro – a coach – that you know and trust.
  4. Play with purpose, every time. That doesn’t mean getting stressed and putting undue pressure on every shot, or chewing yourself out when things go wrong, but taking it just seriously enough to approach and enjoy the game as the ever-beguiling craft it is.
  5. Get your golf clubs fit, and keep them fit, including replacing the grips every year if you play a lot, every other year if you’re a more casual golfer. That goes for your putter, too.
  6. Get your body golf-fit with exercises and routines, including yoga, actually designed for the purpose.
  7.  Introduce a non-golfing friend, or better yet, a kid, to the game, get him or her proper lessons, and watch your own joy for golf increase mega-fold.
  8. Study, learn and abide by the new and improved (again, we’ll go with it) Rules of Golf, even the ones that seem capricious or just plain nonsensical. It’s a dimension of the game that far too many of us amateurs ignore or downplay, to our deep detriment.
  9. Set realistic scoring goals that take into account your current ability, the time you have to play and practice and level of commitment. Then conquer them, and feel free to puff up your chest a bit.
  10. On that note, for goodness’ sake, play more, in whatever form possible — join a club, play par 3 courses, six holes at sunup or sunset, set up a standing tee time at your local muni (which deserve our undying support, by the way) … whatever. Make the 2020s your ultimate golf decade.

Got some resolutions of your own? We’d love to hear them. E-mail editor Vic Williams at vwilliams@madavor.com or comment on Twitter or Facebook.

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