Teaching With Tech: V1 Video Golf App

Video App Bridges The Miles Between Pro and Student
v1 video golf app featured

Golf is the ultimate aspirational sport. Anybody who dares to pick up a club and stick with it — and is serious enough to sign up for lessons — is guaranteed a lifetime of swing tinkering, of revelations and dead ends, of fighting bad habits and sweating out good ones. The cliché is spot on: This game is a metaphor for life, so you might as well find a coach, or a series of them, who will make that path a little straighter (and on plane, and longer, and closer to the pin). And if you’re armed with the V1 video golf app, you can be on opposite sides of the continent.

As a mostly self-taught guy with more than four decades in the fairway fray, the lessons have been sporadic at best, and I have the middling handicap to prove it. Yet like most golfers, I will strive to “get better” until I draw my last breath, or at the very least my last takeaway. And that means getting some help.

There are plenty of great teachers in my neighborhood, but one of the best in America, Tom Patri — former Met PGA Teacher of the Year and South Florida Teacher of the year, and a contributing editor to this magazine — lives and works clear across the country. When he offered to take a look at my swing via V1, I jumped at the chance.

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