On The PGA Tour with TrackMan

Why The World’s Best Players Rely On The Device
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Most golfers these days have heard of TrackMan. We’ve seen and heard it mentioned on TV countless times. What is TrackMan? It’s is a Doppler radar device that tracks both the golf ball, the club and the clubhead. TrackMan provides 26 data parameters on club delivery and ball flight along with numerous analytic tools. With Read more…

Get On The Golf Balance Board

Training Aid Offers Instant Feedback

As far back as 1988 I built, by today’s standards, a very crude Balance Board.  Today’s version of the TPGOLF Balance Board has come light years in terms of stability and quality, as well as the uses I have developed. The original premise is simply, as its title suggests, to train, through live action and Read more…

Teaching With Tech: V1 Video Golf App

Video App Bridges The Miles Between Pro and Student
v1 video golf app featured

Golf is the ultimate aspirational sport. Anybody who dares to pick up a club and stick with it — and is serious enough to sign up for lessons — is guaranteed a lifetime of swing tinkering, of revelations and dead ends, of fighting bad habits and sweating out good ones. The cliché is spot on: Read more…

The Six-Spoke Approach Part 5: Club Fitting

Why Getting The Right Equipment Is Worth It

Editor’s Note: Following is the fifth of six in-depth instruction pieces in digest form from Top 30 Instructor Tom Patri’s 2005 book, The Six-Spoke Approach To Golf. Tom is one of the most respected teachers and coaches in the game, and we’re honored to add his deep passion and knowledge to the pages of Golf Tips. Read more…

It’s All In The Grip

The grip is one of the most abused fundamentals in golf because it truly is the only connection to the face and the golf ball

A molded grip is used with a short club for two reasons

Maintain The Cup In Your Left Hand

If you're a better player, here's a tip on how to hit your approach shots closer

Here’s a tip for low-handicappers who have a hard time controlling the distance of their short irons.

Polish Up Your Finish

End Your Swing The Right Way For Crisper Shots

One of the best ways to get your swing in check is to focus on your finish position.