Try Towel Drill For Longer Drives

towel drill sequence

Unlike most of the clubs in your bag, where hitting down on the ball is crucial for good contact, the driver demands a strike on the upswing. Unfortunately, many amateurs do the opposite, catching the ball when the club is still moving downward — leading to pop-ups and serious lack of distance. That’s where the towel drill comes in.

This tip has been around for a while, but it’s a good one. When you’re practicing your tee shots, place a rolled up towel a few inches in front of the ball. This visual will cause you to hit more “up” on the ball at impact to avoid hitting the towel.

The benefit is clear: Hitting up on the ball several degrees (otherwise known as “angle of attack”) will create optimal launch conditions for the ball furthest flight. The ball will stay in the air longer to increase distance.

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