Improve Your Golf Swing With Feel And Fitness

Master The Move Critical To Hitting Solid Shots

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Want an easy-to-follow but thorough road map to actually improve your golf swing? I give you the tools and directions you’re looking for to avoid what I call “early extension.” Read on.


2 – Shafts with grips: 37 inches to 40 inches

1 – Swim Noodle: 30 inches

Swiss Ball

5 lb. medicine ball or weight (in photo is the 6 lb. Swing Ball Pro found at


In order to identify what I call “early extension,” we first have to draw two important lines, as I’ve done in the photos below. The first line is a vertical line on your backside, as if you are up against a wall. The other important line is a horizontal line at the top of your head, as if the top of your head is touching a roof. The backside line will help identify early Eextension. During the golf-swing, if your backside comes off this line, you are early extending. Although it can occur in the backswing, it is more prevalent in the downswing and follow-through.

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