Equipment: 2019 Golf Accessories

Sure, golfers score with the clubs and balls, but it’s all the stuff that goes with them — from bags to to gloves to sunglasses to watches — that makes the game even more fun and fulfilling. Here’s our go-to selection of 2019 golf accessories.


2019 golf accessories aftershokz glassesLast year we flipped for the AfterShokz Trekz Air bone-induction headphones, which don’t even go into the ear, instead conducing sound through the jawbone so you can wear them on the course while listening to music and still hear conversations and whatever else is going on around you. They’re perfect for practice, as well — you can download a few lesson podcasts and get into a groove, wirelessly. Optishokz Revezz Sunglasses put that same technology into a stylish pair of shades, with the induction elements located behind the ear instead of in front of them. Comfortable, ingenious and rockin’ in every way.

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