Equipment: 2019 Golf Apparel And Shoes

The search for par or better always gains an extra sheen when you’re looking good from head to toe, which made putting together our lineup of 2019 golf apparel and shoes so much fun and colorful. Read on to get a grip on how to put yourself together on the links this summer, and take advantage of the latest technology to boot.


2910 golf apparel and shoes ahead caps Founded in 1995 as a headwear company, Ahead has evolved into a multi-dimensional brand offering headwear along with apparel (including Kate Lord for women) and accessories.

“We’ve really grown our apparel business the past couple of years,’’ said Jessica Georgenes, marketing coordinator for Ahead. “With a mix of different fashion groups and essentials pieces, we’ve been able to create multiple creations, so we are really becoming more well known for fashion.’’

The company’s latest addition to its apparel/ headwear collections – Sonic Weld – has more to do with what’s on them rather than fabrics and designs. Sonic Weld is a silver metal base mix that creates a bold look on everything from shirts, to skirts to caps.

An integral part of this year’s Ahead fashion collections, Sonic Weld, “really makes the logo pop off for apparel and logo applications,’’ said Jessica Georgenes, marketing coordinator for Ahead. “It works better on performance fabrics, but it can be used also can be used tics. It can be used on cotton but we usually don’t recommend it.’’

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