Golf Equipment: 2019 Training Aids and Tech

Besides getting a series of lessons from one of our Top 25 Instructors or your favorite local pro, here’s where the game improvement rubber meets the road — with our 2019 training aids and tech rundown. You’ll find products that will help you dial in your swing and stroke off the course, and get the most out of GPS and laser technology while playing. Golf Tips editors decided to combine them into one list to keep it simple, which is one of the game’s timeless tips, right? Happy browsing, and for more, check out our Editor’s Picks.


2019 training aids about golfOne of golf’s venerable simulator companies is getting even better under new management, who introduced themselves at the 2018 PGA Show. For 2019, says partner Randall Henry, it’s all about rolling out new products — and improving existing ones with head-spinning, deep-diving technology.

“We’ve introduced a new AG Locker app which takes your SIM and gives you all your data anytime, anywhere,” says Henry. “You can connect remotely and look at how many rounds that you played, at videos you stored at all your data — every shot you’ve ever hit. It’s cool in terms of that full new look, feel, interface.”

The latest About Golf hardware and software allows for better two-way communication between users and technicians, the digital greenskeepers and course marshals that make sure every round or practice outing runs smoothly with every movement recorded for future reference.

One big improvement is how users find and access the myriad features their About Golf system offers. “You just swipe through to see different experiences. You turn this way and it’s a driving range. Turn that way and now it’s a chipping green. Turn another way and it’s a golf hole. You just swipe to where you want to go in this world, and you never have to leave this one immersive environment.”

Another environment re-creates the Gray Institute, led by physical fitness expert Gary Gray, with teaching and exercises that’ll help with flexibility and swing improvement. They’ve also added more dynamic uses of weight transfer analysis, using force plates built into the system, underneath the floor.

You can even dial up club fitting options, deeper teaching, whatever — even make About Golf a full-fledged media hub.

“This is a platform that’s going to change the way that the people see simulators. We designed the AG links for that modern golfer so that he or she gets the data they want, it’s anywhere they want it to be. It can be down the street or in the basement.”

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