Manage Your Weight

Chip close right now

One of the more common flaws I see in chipping is poor weight management.

Push Your Putt

Make more putts with a push

One of the more common putting mistakes I see from my students is a lack of acceleration through the ball.

Short Game Prowess

Knock it stiff more often

When you think about it, short shots don’t get the attention they deserve.

Left Turn

Hit successful chip shots!

Hitting successful chip shots from around the green requires a few basic fundamentals to understand. I think chipping is a little like putting, in that there’s more than one right way to succeed.

Short Game School

Shoot Lower Scores Now!

The secret to shooting lower scores isn’t hitting longer drives and hitting more greens.

Bunker Control

Get up and down from the kitty litter

Without question, most amateurs make playing from the bunker more difficult than it needs to be.

Flip It To Stick It!

Hinge your wrists early to perfect this more advanced flop shot

If you’ve ever found yourself short-sided in the rough, as I am here, then you know you need to execute a shot that gets the ball up high and in a hurry–and lands soft. Here’s a more advanced way to play this rough flop shot.

Greenside Greatness

Get up and down when you're just off the green

As you can see here, I’ve got a 40-yard bunker shot, which is arguably one of the game’s hardest tests. I’ll show you two ways to play it, depending on the kind of sand that you find in the bunke

The Putt-Chip Shot

"Putt" your chips to get up and down

The putt-chip is a shot that I encourage all of my students to learn at our golf school.