Flip It To Stick It!

Hinge your wrists early to perfect this more advanced flop shot

This is the trailing edge I’m talking about. Let that sweep underneath the ball.

If you’ve ever found yourself short-sided in the rough, as I am here, then you know you need to execute a shot that gets the ball up high and in a hurry–and lands soft. Here’s a more advanced way to play this rough flop shot.

I want to use the trailing edge of my lob wedge, so the club doesn’t dig into the turf. (If you use the leading edge, your club might stick in the turf!) It’s a bit like a bunker shot and requires a decent lie. If your ball is buried or if you have a tight lie, it’s that much more challenging to execute this shot successfully.

Note at setup how my hands are close to my body. I do this because it helps to promote a steeper swing plane. The closer my hands are to my body, the more I have to pick up the club (so much so that it approaches 90_¡). I hinge my wrists early and think “flip.” Then I return the club to impact and deliver a blow into the ball with the trailing edge and think “flip” again after impact so I unhinge my wrists, keeping them close to my body. The result will be a ball that soars high and lands soft, with very little rollout.

1 My hands are behind the ball, the clubface is open, and I play the ball toward my forward foot. 2 I’ve picked the club up quickly because my hands were close to my body at address.

3 Look at how fast that ball shot up in the air! I really flipped my wrists on that one. 4 No need for a big followthrough on such a short shot.

Andrew Getson, PGA, teaches at the Grayhawk Learning Center in Scottsdale, Ariz. For more information, visitandrewgetsongolf.com.

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  1. Thank you for your article witch is clear and easy to understand. I noticed you didn’t mention weight distribution at set-up, and if there is a transfer during swing ?
    Thank you

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