Is It Time To Try Side-Saddle Putting?

Toss A Ball And You Get the Picture


side-saddle putting 1
Old style sidesaddle with short putter

Lining up a putt is important. When figuring out the break of a putt, most of us stand at a right angle to the line, facing the ball, to determine it. This is not accurate, but side-saddle putting IS accurate.

Think about it: When you line up a putt, you stand behind the ball and face the ball and target so that you see the line to the hole.

If this is the best way to align a putt, then it would make sense to putt the ball in a similar position of facing the target, wouldn’t it?

Logically it makes sense. When we toss an object to a target, like pennies to a wall, or even playing horseshoes or bowling, we face the target. I use the word target because in golf our target is not always the hole as putts often break and curve.

Medically or scientifically, when we face the target our eyes are better able to read depth perception, as each eye forms a line to the target, creating a triangle. This triangle gives us distance to the target, or depth perception.

In putting, depth perception is vital in how much force to put into impact on the ball, and for distance control. It helps prevent putting too long or too short, leading to the dreaded three-putt.

side-saddle putting diagram 1Face-the-target is about better depth perception in perceiving distance.

I tried side-saddle putting several times over the years but never met with real success, as my face-the-ball putting was good anyway. While putting in my extra room with carpet floor I tried face-the-target (FTT) with a long putter rather than the conventional length putter. It was beyond my expectations.

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