For Big Golf Power, Rotate And Release

‘Punch It’ And Get Stronger Shots

Powerful tee, fairway metal and iron shots aren’t just the domain of tour pros. Big golf power is within reach of every golfer if you know how to train your swing to create the conditions for long, straights shots time after time. This lesson will bring those conditions into play, and soon, if you’re willing to take some time to get a few tools together, follow every step carefully and most of all, put in the practice.

Training Tools Needed

  • 6 or 7 iron club (used as your ‘training club’)
  • 12-Inch piece of swim noodle
  • Impact Bag

big golf power 1-3

Hitting From The Top

One of the biggest power killers in the golf swing is the early release of the wrists in the downswing, often referred to as “hitting from the top” (Photos 1-2).  When this happens, all the power stored up in the wrists is lost before you hit the ball.  This also adds loft to the club through impact, making your club weaker and, in affect, turning your 7 iron into a 9 iron.  This is evident with the backward shaft lean in Photo 3.

The result: Shots balloon high into the sky and land short of your target.

Adding a “power punch” to your shots starts with learning how to delay the release of the wrists in the downswing while releasing from the “slot,” not from the top.

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