On The PGA Tour with TrackMan

Why The World’s Best Players Rely On The Device
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Most golfers these days have heard of TrackMan. We’ve seen and heard it mentioned on TV countless times.

What is TrackMan? It’s is a Doppler radar device that tracks both the golf ball, the club and the clubhead. TrackMan provides 26 data parameters on club delivery and ball flight along with numerous analytic tools.

With the ball, it accurately measures the distance, the direction, the spin rate, the spin axis, the launch angle and the ball speed (among other things).

It also tracks what the clubhead is doing to the ball to create these performance measures — things such as swing path, calculations of the face angle at impact or the relationship of the clubface to the swing path (square, open or closed in measured degrees), the angle of attack (neutral, up, or down in degrees), calculations of the loft at impact, the clubhead speed etc., are all tracked. Why guess when you can track?


Building Trust, One Shot At A Time

Ball flight laws are unquestionable. So is the quality of TrackMan’s data. TrackMan is considered to have set the industry standards for accuracy in ball impact and ball flight measurements. That’s why the leaders of the game trust TrackMan.

Quality data leads to quality analysis which again fosters sound decision-making and, ultimately, superior performance. Critical data is captured at the impact moment between the club and the ball, meaning in 1/2000 of a second. This essential data is instantly translated into an easy-to-understand language on a portable device for analysis and increased understanding of the swing. That’s why reliable data is indispensable for Tour Players striving to lower their scores and to maximize their performance. Jordan Spieth, Jason Day & Dustin Johnson trust TrackMan.

Tiger Woods is also a strong convert. “A lot of times what we’re feeling that we are doing is not exactly what we’re doing,” says Woods. “I just think you’re trying to match up feel and real, and as you make swing changes, you make slight alterations, and you start realizing what the club is doing at impact and what that can translate into in the performance of a golf ball.”

Many Tour players use TrackMan to make practice more fun and precise while confirming what they are feeling.

Dustin Johnson, for example, uses TrackMan daily to dial in his wedges. Dustin went to No. 1 in the world by improving his wedge play by working on different trajectories and distance control—low-spinners, high-stoppers, one- to two-bounce stop and check. Rory McIlroy is doing the same thing. Players can structure their own tests or use the already-scripted tests built into the software and get instant feedback. TrackMan shortens the hours, days, and months to improvement.

Some say it’s too technical. I would argue just the opposite and it’s only too technical if you don’t understand TrackMan. If you understand TrackMan, it simplifies things. It is a vital tool in my teaching arsenal and those of other instructors worldwide. It’s portable, it’s accurate and TrackMan is constantly refining its software parameters to give players and instructors a better understanding of what to do with the information provided.


How A Trackman Lesson Can Improve Your Game Fast

The average golfer would benefit greatly from a TrackMan session with a Certified TrackMan Professional. With TrackMan you will quickly understand the why and the how.

We coaches use TrackMan to best determine the course of action to make you a better player. You will improve immensely the first day. With TrackMan you’ll quickly become an insider of the most revolutionary training tool in the industry.

Sean Foley, Justin Rose and Cameron Champ’s instructor, says, “It’s a moderator somewhere between science and Harvey Penick.”

Bob Grissett teaches in Boca Raton and Palm Beach, Florida. Reach him at www.bobgrissettgolf.com

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