Pocket-To-Pocket Pitch Shots

The Must-Have Move For Your Short Game

Are you struggling with those pitch shots around the green, whether to hit it high or low, make it stop quickly or skid and roll? Here’s my prescription for making the shot selection and execution process as simple as possible.

In fact, what I love about this shot is that you can basically use the same technique, then just change ball position and clubs to create all the shots you need from 30 yards and in. No more confusion on set-up or execution.

Here we go. Set up…keep it clean!

pocket pitch shots 1FOR THE STANDARD SHOT

  • Stance narrow, just inside hip width (Photo 1)
  • Front foot dropped back and flared slightly, this will help your body rotate through the shot
  • Ball position for standard shot, just slightly back of center
  • Center of sternum over ball
  • Place more pressure onto your lead foot
  • Handle of club pointing just slightly forward of belly button.

pocket pitch shots 2The Motion

From a nice, compact but balanced set up position, swing your arms back and allow your trail arm to fold until your hands are just off your rear pocket, as I’m doing in Photo 2.

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