V1 Partners With BodiTrak For Even Better Swing Analysis

Two Great Golf Tech Marvels Join Forces
v1 and boditrak

V1 Sports, producer of the industry-leading golf video swing analysis system for teaching pros and golfers, is now the technology driver and global sales and marketing force for the V1 Sports Pressure Mat Powered by BodiTrak

V1’s new partnership with biomechanics innovators Boditrak unites two of the golf industry’s leading technology brands, increasing the accessibility of the BodiTrak force-and-pressure analysis mat to V1 Sport’s large network of teaching professionals and improvement-minded golfers.

V1 Sports has been utilizing the BodiTrak mat and its feedback data as an integrated piece of its video swing analysis system for a about half a decade. Now, with V1 Sports’ technology team powering the BodiTrak software and user interface, golfers can benefit from one of the most dynamic and useful instruction platforms in golf. Portable and versatile, the V1 Sports Pressure Mat Powered by BodiTrak can be used on any lie on the range, putting green, sand trap or on the golf course. Then, the pressure-point data shows a V1 Pro instructor where the student’s weight transfers at any point in the swing.

“Teaching pros who are already using the BodiTrak mat with the V1 Pro HD system know how revolutionary it is to instantly see a student’s swing tendencies and flaws as well as the specific weight-transfer issues that cause them. It’s groundbreaking to be able to identify the ‘symptoms’ of a golfer’s swing habits,” says Bryan Finnerty, V1 Sports CEO. “Students quickly understand how to better distribute and transfer their weight throughout the swing and they learn the proper techniques much more quickly using this innovative combination of feedback tools.”

The V1 Sports Pressure Mat System, powered by BodiTrak is the first portable and affordable mat to record balance distribution information and Center of Pressure (“COP”) during the golf swing, providing immediate feedback during a lesson or practice session. Combining real-time data on a golfer’s weight transfer with V1’s top-in-class camera systems and video software makes each lesson more impactful and can markedly expedite a player’s improvement.

“V1 Sports is such a credible and influential brand in golf instruction and we’re proud to work with them to bring BodiTrak technology in to the mainstream of game improvement,” says Terry Hashimoto, BodiTrak’s co-founder. “The V1 Pro software and mobile app is the best instruction platform in golf and to have BodiTrak ground force data seamlessly integrated into it is truly exceptional for us and for V1 users.”

Not only can this pressure-mat system help golfers swing in better balance and transfer weight more effectively throughout the swing, instructors can also help students seeking more power and yardage use “Vertical Force” to their advantage, yielding more distance.

The V1 Sports Pressure Mat System, powered by BodiTrak is driven by the V1 Pro App on iOS mobile devices and the V1 Pro HD system, instantly displaying pressure mapping data when you click “Live Video.” Existing V1 Pro users may purchase the revolutionary Pressure Mat to supercharge the instructional and “instant-feedback” capabilities of the V1 Pro system.

“V1 Sports is the best in the industry at delivering groundbreaking technology with the best and most seamless end-user experience,” says Hashimoto. “With visionary leadership and one of the most experienced development teams, they are the ideal partner to help take BodiTrak into the mainstream of golf instruction.”

Integrating the BodiTrak pressure-sensitive mat into the V1 Pro video teaching system enables V1’s product development team to expand the lesson matrix to better train students. “We’re excited about this partnership for many reasons, but ultimately because it affords our highly-engaged clientele a more streamlined path to game improvement,” says Finnerty.

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