Ben Hogan PTx Pro Black Forged Irons Return

Initial Popularity Leads To Permanent Release

hogan ptx pro ironsOn the heels of its best sales month in recent history, as well as the launch of its first full-line of forged products in decades, including irons, woods, wedges and putters, Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company has introduced the PTx Pro Black Forged Irons, featuring proprietary Diamond Black Metal Finish.  

The company made PTx Pro Black irons a permanent part of their product line based on extraordinary consumer demand from a limited edition run in July 2019. The darker finish, which is up to seven times more durable than nickel chrome, reduces glare and provides better contrast with the golf ball, while promoting effective shot alignment and accuracy.

“Ben Hogan Golf has exceptional market momentum right now, as we remain committed to Mr. Hogan’s mission to design and manufacture the “highest quality and best performing golf equipment in the world,” said Scott White, President and CEO. “The simple fact is that more and more serious golfers are understanding and embracing the company’s unique factory-direct business model, which allows them to buy custom-crafted, micro-manufactured clubs that are individually built to their specifications. By keeping our costs and overhead low, and eliminating retail mark-up altogether, we sell some of the best golf equipment in the world for about half of the price of competitors’ premium clubs.”

The PTx PRO irons, which are available in both traditional nickel-chrome and DBM finishes to provide more choice to players, were developed for discerning, serious golfers who demand performance.

After consultation and testing with many competitive and highly accomplished golfers, Ben Hogan Golf’s engineering and product design team successfully developed a forged iron that is pure and traditional looking on the outside, yet packed with technology on the inside.

The irons offer the feel and feedback only a forged product can provide, while utilizing some of today’s most advanced materials and manufacturing processes. They are truly a unique blend of traditional, elegant styling that Ben Hogan irons are famous for, combined with modern game-enhancing technology.

All PTx Pro irons are manufactured using a multi-step co-forging process that allows Ben Hogan Golf to combine multiple materials into the club head. The long and mid-irons (4-7) are hollow and made using a forged 1025 Carbon Steel frame and forged MS300 steel face for exceptional feel. Heavy tungsten weights are inserted in precise locations near the toe of each iron to promote a straighter ball flight, higher initial launch angles, and more spin to hold the greens on longer approach shots.

The shorter, scoring irons (8–PW) feature lightweight Titanium inserts allowing for optimal weight disbursement throughout the club head. This delivers lower, more penetrating ball flight to eliminate ballooning shots while enhancing distance control.

White adds, “PTx Pro irons are our best-selling model as it sets a new standard for performance, and appeals to a wide variety of golfers, from professional and competitive players to double-digit handicappers. This has led to much, much higher than anticipated demand. Simply put, we couldn’t manufacture PTx irons fast enough to keep up with order pace but we have pretty much caught up with backorders now.” 

Highlighted by no-charge customization on all club orders, the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company offers a number of consumer-centric programs, including: free domestic shipping on orders over $250.00, flat-rate international shipping and a low or no-cost financing program. 

And, recognizing that many golfers want to personally experience equipment before they purchase, the company offers a simple, risk-free Demo program, as well as a Trade-UP program where golfers can offset the cost of their purchase by selling used equipment back to the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company. The company reports that over 70 percent of people who try Ben Hogan Golf equipment via the demo program end up buying equipment. 

$805 for 7-club set |

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