Seven Editor’s Golf Equipment Favorites For Spring

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golf equipment favoritesAfter last year’s rollout of Indi Golf’s wedge line — which Golf Tips loved for its turf-grabbing powers, great looks and flat-out fun-to-play personality — Indi Golf’s new ATK Grind wedges give players even more shot-making options.

“We’re committed to designing quality products that will help golfers perform at their best and enjoy the game more,” said Rob Lang, General Manager. “Our new ATK Grind, which is short for Attack, allows us to provide an option for players needing more bounce and turf forgiveness on square face shots.”

The ATK Grind has been designed with more heel, toe and trailing edge relief to allow for increased shot making. This allows the player to open the face and the leading edge will remain the same distance from the ground as if in a square club face position, yielding a consistent look and increased confidence.

“This new grind is an addition to our current grind that has been very well received and successful,” added Lang.

The ATK Grind is designed with Indi Golf’s ScoopBack, TractionFace, and LaunchControl technologies, maintaining Indi’s legendary forgiveness, spin, and control. The ATK Grind features a new matt black finish and is available in both the StingRay and StingRay TT models.

“We wanted a little wider sole and little more relief,” Lang continued. “It’s better for softer turf conditions. If you’re a digger it’ll slide through the turf, but you can open it up and it’s still versatile around the greens. It doesn’t limit you.”

Indi Golf’s proprietary ScoopBack design creates maximum forgiveness by moving mass higher in the face, and toward the toe.  This optimizes the location of the club’s CG, making the head more stable on off-center contact, helping shots feel better, go straighter, spin more and end up closer to the hole. The ScoopBack design is not a muscle back or perimeter-weighted design but is a combination that brings the player the best of both worlds.

TractionFace technology uses a proprietary open square groove shape and pattern to create tremendous backspin and optimal launch conditions. These aggressive box grooves increase spin by 50 percent and are so effective that the StingRay wedge exceeds the performance limits outlined in the Rules of Golf, making them ideal for recreational golfers. StingRay TT remixes TractionFace technology with another revolutionary groove shape and pattern to optimize launch and increase backspin by 20 percent on a full swing while conforming to the Rules of Golf.

All Wedges are offered in 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60-degree lofts.

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