GolfTec Clubfitting Hits The Mark

golftec clubfitting bay

When I was playing high school golf about a million years ago, my teammates — as teenagers are wont to do — graced me with a nickname: “Hack.” I wasn’t that bad, but I wasn’t a first-teamer, either. Wish I’d had the benefit of GolfTec clubfitting back then.

Back to “Hack”: My dad, who introduced me to the game at age 12, picked up on the moniker, and it stuck around for a couple decades. I even employed it as a nom de plume on occasion, which I hope doesn’t reflect too much on my ability to string sentences together. I’ve always loved irony.

Anyway, when it comes to golf clubs, more often than not I could have stretched the nickname to “Off The Rack Hack.” I’d get a new set and roll with them without darkening a club fitter’s door, to my game’s detriment. Seems I was doing all I could to make that “Hack” tag even more legit.

Not that I was a total luddite in the club customization realm. I’d been marginally fitted for a set of Ping iSis back in 1998, and again for TaylorMade Burner 2.0s a decade ago.

But in 2018 I began to embrace serious, technology-driven club fitting anew. I got fitted for a new driver, and immediately recovered seven to ten yards in distance and found the ball in short grass more often.

Hey, this stuff works.

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