Turn The Chin

Turn The ChinToo often, I’ve watched golfers set up to the ball correctly with a consistent routine, good alignment and solid posture. But in the last few seconds of the setup, during the moment when the golfer takes a last look at the hole, the setup falls apart, gets cockeyed and the golfer can’t help but hit the ball any which way but straight. Sound familiar?

Here’s something to think about. In the last few seconds before you make a swing, always remember to turn the chin, not the head. Turning the chin toward the target when looking at it enables you to retain the proper body position and spine angle, without adjusting your weight, shoulders and hands. When you mistakenly turn your head, you inevitably lift your head, open your shoulders, and invariably lose sight and feel of what the correct address position should be.

Remember to turn the chin for every shot in the bag, from putter to driver, and you’ll keep your spine angle and setup in place. You may find that your shot inconsistencies require not a swing fix, but a simple, quick reminder a few seconds before you make a swing.

Southern California-based Bobby Hinds, PGA, is one of the area’s most popular instructors, thanks to his back-to-basics approach to swing fundamentals. To learn more or to book a lesson, call (818) 787-8163 and ask for Bobby._Ê

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