Make Some Putting ‘Change’

Put Those Pocket Coins To Good Use

Ever wondered how to make a few of those monetary ballmarkers burning a hole in your pocket do double-duty when you’re practicing? Well here’s a great way to turn your loose change into a handy putting aid anytime you’re grooving your stroke.

Alison Curdt Putting ChangeWhat it Addresses: Hitting a solid putt, with the correct speed, will allow the ball to roll over any small obstacles in its way to the target. Improving the moment of contact increases the chances the putt will fall into the hole (Photo 1).

Alison Curdt Putting Change 2How To: Place some loose change in the putting line, such as three quarters and a few dimes (Photo 2). Hit putts that are fairly straight about three feet away from the hole and place the loose change in the line somewhere along the line to the hole — I’ve put them close to the cup in these photos but you could go halfway back. Focus on making solid contact with the ball and watch it roll over the change, stay on line, and fall in the cup (Photos 3-6).

Alison Curdt Putting Change 3-6

Benefit/Fixes: Improves confidence that hitting a solid putt will roll over spike marks, old divots, and small pebbles and still hold its line. This forces the golfer to redirect their attention to selecting the proper line and hitting the ball with the center of the putter head.

Alison Curdt is a PGA Master Professional in instruction, 2015 LPGA National Teacher of the Year and a featured instructor on the Golf Channel’s SwingFix. Find out more at

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