Learn To Rule Greens With Putt Ruler

Simple Device Makes Perfect Contact Possible
putt ruler opener

I have known The Putt Ruler inventor Bob Walton for over 25 years. We were introduced by our mutual friend Bob Ford, head PGA Professional at Seminole and past head professional at Oakmont.

Bob Walton is as passionate a golfer as any living and breathing human being I have ever met on this planet. So when he called me this past winter season in Naples and said he wanted to travel down from his home in Hilton Head, South Carolina, to show me a putting training aid he had invented, I was all ears. This much I know about Bob Walton: he wouldn’t waste my time with something he didn’t feel had real merit.

I have always believed putting was simply five learned skills.

  1. Reading the putt
  2. Aiming the putter face
  3. Squaring the face to the starting line at impact
  4. Controlling within reason the path the head travels
  5. Controlling the speed the ball travels

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