What Kind Of Golf Student Are You?

How Do You Best Learn The Game?

golf learner 1One of the best things you can do for yourself is find out what learning style you are. While the validity of learning styles has long been debated by neuroscientists, many great educators feel they are not only valid, but are invaluable for teaching and learning. Knowing your learning style — what kind of golf student you are — can increase your awareness during practice, lessons, and on course play.

Let’s say you need to go somewhere you have never been. You don’t know how to get and are not allowed to use a map or your GPS. Would you want me to:

  1. Tell you how to get there?
  2. Read written directions?
  3. Look at a map?

golf learner 2This is a simple way to discern which style you might be. I have created a longer version which you can complete online (see below), but for now, this will do.

If you said, “Tell me how to get there,” that would mean are an auditory learner. If you said, “I want to read written directions,” you would be more of a kinesthetic learner. If you want to see a map, you are a visual learner.

How can you use this knowledge to play better golf? For me, creating swing keys that I use while playing help me stay focused on the task at hand.

Let’s say you have a habit of being quick from the top.

If you are someone who needs to feel their swing, I suggest you try to feel the club resting on your thumb at the top of your backswing (Photos 1 and 2). For a right-handed player, you would feel the club resting on your left thumb at the top of the backswing. (Left handed players would feel it on their right thumb).

If you a visual player, you can use the logo on your glove to be sure your hands are correct at the top of your swing (Photo 3). Typically, you can see this out of the corner of your eye as you take the club back, I am not asking you to lift your head, just move your eyes as the club starts back. This will ensure the face to square.

golf learner 3If you need to hear it, I suggest you create a mantra while you swing. I use the rhythm,

One – And – Two – And  


One – Two – Three – Four

In a golf lesson, you will learn and retain more if you know what your personal style is. If you are a visual learner, ask your teacher to show you what they want you to do. When they visually demonstrate you will learn easier. You can also as them to video tape you.

If you are an auditory learner, ask them to tell you exactly what they want you to do.

If you are kinesthetic, ask them if they have notes you can read to be sure you understand what they are telling you.

I guarantee if you learn to better understand yourself, your game will improve. Visit here if you’re interested in the online version.

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