Keeping and Open Mind

Lower scores by being open minded


Having the best equipment, playing on a top course, or having endless knowledge about the golf swing will never yield success in the game if the golfer doesn’t know how to use his mind on the course.

Things like anxiety, emotional reactions, and distractions can all cripple a golfer’s ability and keep him from success. Overcoming these obstacles is the key to lower scores and the only way to do that is “To Clear Your Mind.”

To improve, you have to keep your mind ‘Open’ to new techniques and instruction. It has been often said that a beginning golfer tends to be more open minded to instruction than an expert golfer who tends to view instruction with a skeptical and closed mind.

A great many golfers come to a lesson with so many preconceived ideas about their swing that they are unable to digest anything the instructor introduces. When receiving instruction you must be willing to try different techniques and put practice time in to perfect it. Withhold any judgment about the new technique until you have put it into practice for awhile.

Ben Hogan comes to mind as a perfect example of keeping your mind open. He was one of the greatest ball strikers of all time, practiced relentlessly, and never seemed to tire of trying new techniques, in fact, he delighted in it because he believed there was always more he could learn. He kept his beginners mind, meaning he was always open and receptive to new things and ideas.

On the course you have to open your mind to letting go of stress, anxieties, distractions and reactions. These are negative components in a game. Deep breathing before each tee can release tension and promote relaxation, which will help you achieve a more relaxed swing.

While on the sidelines visualizing successful shots can eliminate emotional reactions instead of beating yourself up for a previous blunder. Also, keeping your mind on the game is critical for success. Instead of getting distracted by conversation, golfing tips from fellow players, text messages vibrating in your pocket…use your time to focus your mind on how techniques are working for you.

Keep your mind clear, open, and free from distractions.

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