Five Ways To Improve At Golf

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When practicing, always hit shots with a specific target in mind, just as you do when playing.


Realize your eyes and brain continually communicate with each other, providing the necessary information for the rest of your body to function properly. It’s this relationship that steers us in the right direction, whether walking, running, driving a car, or hitting a golf ball.

If you’re not using a target for every shot, you may as well take up a non-target game. Make no mistake, golf is a target game. From the first tee shot to the last putt, golf requires you to hit a shot to a target, regardless of the style of course you play.

This is why using a target for every shot you hit is so vitally important to your overall success. Poor alignment is the No. 1 set up flaw I see, which causes most of the swing flaws the ill-aimed golfer displays.

When practicing, develop a great pre-shot routine that insures you’re aimed to a target. When playing, be very specific with your targets. It’s not enough to aim or a cluster of trees, or to a sand trap. Find a specific tree and find a specific part of the tree you wish to aim to. Find a specific feature of a trap, or a rake laying next to a trap as a target. You’ll be very surprised how much this little adjustment of attitude towards aiming, as well as the improving your alignment, can instantly improve your game.

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