Keep It Together For Iron Power

iron power photos

Loss of power with your irons has many causes, but one of the biggest bugaboos is not keeping the hands, club and body connected throughout the swing. Not staying in sync will cause loss a lot of energy leaks, poor rhythm, lack of balance and both shorter and less accurate shots. Let’s go through this simple swing sequence to show how effortless iron power unfolds.

At the start of the takeaway, keep everything very still and just let the club direct the swing — no swaying and moving hips all over the place. Keep the bottom half of the body quiet and building up the swing speed (Photo 1).

Keep your arms “long” and using the entire club — no shortening of the swing when hitting full shots (Photo 2).

Hitting the top of the back swing is a signal for your hips to now move slightly forward, get that weight onto your left side of your body and move everything out toward your target (Photo 3).

Here you’re building the speed and turning before impact occurs, and keeping those hands moving, too. Avoid the “flip.” (Photos 4-5).

Continue to swing to a full finish — if there is no complete finish you are automatically decelerating, which is loss of swing speed, target, and direction (Photo 6).

Autumn Thomas is clubhouse manager and director of instruction at Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort in Rancho Mirage, California



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