U.S. Open Favorite? Gotta Be Brooks

Top 25 Instructors Make Their U.S. Open Picks

u.s. open brooks koepka

It’s the U.S. Open, it’s Pebble Beach, it’s time to poll the Golf Tips Top 25 Instructors on the man they see hoisting the national championship trophy come Sunday evening.

Dale Abraham: ““It’s wide open as Pebble Beach doesn’t favor the long bomber as much as some of the previous U.S. Open set-ups have. Players like Kuchar will have more of a chance, but it comes down to how Tiger, DJ and Koepka play.”

Warren Bottke: ““My pick is: “Brooks Koepka again!”

Alison Curdt: “I think Phil has a good chance. He typically plays well at that course and he’s ready for a win! Just take a look at his calves!”

Mike Diffley: “Tommy Fleetwood, flying under the radar but a superb iron player who can put the ball on the part of the small greens where he can make some putts. Uphill ones!”

Wayne Flint: “I feel like Jordan Spieth is rounding into form with his ball striking and we all know what can happen if his putter heats up. Only time will tell.”

Jane Frost: “Koepka…the master of majors.”

Barry Goldstein: “I picked Tiger to win the Masters. I’m gonna pick Tiger again to win to US Open… Why? Because its Pebble Beach, Tiger and the U.S. Open. My favorite course in the world. I just think it’s gonna happen again for Tiger.”

Gail Graham: “My money is in Brooks. Nuff said.” 

Bob Grissett: “I’m going with Tiger — playing well, plays Pebble well, can handle the pressure.” 

John Hughes: “Sentimental pick is Phil to complete the Slam. Previous success says he has a chance. Previous success also shows Snedeker, Tiger, DJ as front runners. Cantlay, Scott, and Stenson as the dark horses.”

Rob Labritz: “Phil. Many reps there. Could use the money… ”

Cindy Miller: “Brooks.”

Tom Patri: “It’s a toss-up for me between my gut favorite Tiger, based on experience at Pebble, the positive vibe from past history there and the fact he is he is simply Tiger, and my dark horse Kevin Kisner. Straight ball, decent short game and putter , and gutsy. Gonna be a great Open if the USGA stays in Far Hills, New Jersey.”

Jim Roy: “I like Tiger, Snedeker and Cantley.”

Tom Stickney: “Brooks…and he still won’t be interviewed by the press for some reason.”

Brandon Stooksbury: “I’d like to bet on Tiger but I’m just not feeling it…would be far too ‘poetic.’ As much as I hate to say it, Rory would be awfully hard to bet against given last week’s performance in Canada!”

Deb Vangellow: “Tony Finau. Complete Player: Power and Grace. That is all. Gonna be a great Open!”

Jordan Young: “DJ is under the radar, loves Pebble Beach, he is my pick. Tiger loves Pebble Beach as well, but will finish Top 5. Rory will have tough time matching last week’s success, but will make some noise. Too many great players to win back-to-back events, seems much tougher these days. Brooks is already building a big chip for on his shoulder for this week, or at least the media is … he will most certainly be in the mix!”

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