Golf Balance Basics With John Hughes

Using BodiTrak To Get Stable Through The Swing

John Hughes is a PGA Master Professional based in Orlando, Florida, and a Golf Tips Top 25 Instructor. In this video lesson, John talks about golf balance basics — why balance is so important in life, the golf swing and putting stroke, how to achieve good balance in every part of your game, and how a gadget called BodiTrak is invaluable for gauging your weight shift, and your static positions.

“BodiTrak is one of the nice technological advancements out there than can help you understand balance,” Hughes says. “If you don’t have access to BodiTrak, you can close your eyes to feel a lot of what we’re going go talk about here.”

The lesson covers:

  • Getting off your toes and into a more level, balanced position at address, both for putts and full swings
  • Why your putting stance should be about 60 percent to the front foot, which allows for more speed and accuracy
  • Why starting your swing from your toes is a bad idea. You need to be in an “act” and not “react” position, with balance more in the instep of your foot
  • Why you should avoid pre-setting your weight forward for the full swing
  • Feeling what centered, 50-50 balance is like by closing your eyes
  • Building ankle stability with a “one-foot-forward” drill

Follow these steps and with practice you will see much better balance over the golf ball and through the putting stroke and golf swing, guaranteed.

Read John’s full lesson from Golf Tips magazine, and to get a personal lesson or see more content visit him at

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