‘Fly’ Into A Good Golf Swing

The Airplane Drill Will Rev Up Your Swing’s True Engine

good golf swing airplane featured

Are you an arm swinger? Does your swing sometimes feel as though you are chopping wood with a heavy axe in your hands? Do you ever feel like you are swatting at the ball? Do you want to hit the ball further? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it sounds as though you need to learn how to use the big muscles of your body as the engine for your good golf swing, making it easier to repeat the movement and allowing you to create more clubhead speed.

I love this “Airplane Drill” because it helps you make a full shoulder turn and feel the rotation of both the upper and lower body both in the backswing and through impact to your finish.


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Start standing straight with your arms stretched out at shoulder height, thumbs up. Think of your arms as fixed wings that can only move with the rotation of your body, not independently.

Gail Graham is an LPGA Teaching Professional at Esplanade Golf & Country Club in Naples, Florida. She is a member of the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame member, 17-year veteran of the LPGA Tour and and 1997 Australian Masters champion. Reach her at gailgrahamgolf@gmail.com

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